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Dear Track and Field Parents and Athletes:

The concept of an Athletic Donation is symptomatic of the times we live in. There never seems
to be enough money to do the things that are necessary or needed, much less the things we want
to do.  Some schools are in a period of delayed gratification. That is, often we  have to wait well after
a need arises, before we can spend money to fix it. The Athletic Donation was born out of a need
to continue the athletic programs as the district's revenue has not keep up with the spending need.
Some  districts and/or schools have cut sports, sometimes entirely, but most often they try to do
with less. This result is often a inferior program and experience for the students. The Athletic
Donation is an effort to keep our programs at a reasonable level. The donation helps to keep all of
the sports at Cupertino High School intact. Many people believe only football benefits, but that is
simply not true. This belief leads many parents to only support the sport(s) that their child
participates in.  On the one hand that is necessary and does makes sense.  However, the bigger picture
is that we must also support the other sports. Every program contributes to the good of the other
programs, and thus to the overall good of the school. Your $100 means that one half of it, $50, will go
back to the sport for which has been donated. The athletic department supports all of the sports with
the rest, from buying uniforms to various equipment needs, and paying for officials. So in the end more
than one half of your donation will go back to the your sport.  

Please note the current funding troubles for the sports programs in the Eastside school district.  
Also, some districts have fees up to $275 per season.  $100 is a bargain by comparison.
SCVAL schools: 
Gunn HS & Palo Alto HS $200
Saratoga HS $225 & Los Gatos HS $200
Los Altos HS $?100 & Mountain View HS $?60 + $100 transportation fee
Santa Clara HS ?  & Wilcox HS ?  appears to be all fund raising based
Monta Vista HS $65
Lynbrook HS $80 (50athletics+30boosters)
Homestead HS  $80
Fremont HS $80
Milpitas HS $100

I use the money from the donations to help pay for our fees at invitational meets first.  Participating in
invitational meets is a key part of our program and we encourage everyone to participate in them.  If there
is any left over, it is used to pay for equipment, or anything else that will benefit the team.  It is a core
part of my budgetary process.  It is in the team's interest that we have a high percentage of donations
turned in.  I have not had to cut my invitational entries due to fund constraints yet.  But, if we do not get
enough donations, then that will happen.  This year looks like we will have a larger team than last years,
(certainly since 2002 when I started here) so the budget pressure will be greater.  I do not like to do fund
raisers because everyone is doing them and they are a drain on our time and energy. If we have a high
donation rate, then we will cover our fees and maybe buy some equipment. No team can be self-supporting. 

My very strong recommendation is that you make at least the suggested donation to the Athletic Department. 
You can give more than the suggested $100. You may also give directly to the Track & Field team, but
that should be after you have made the Athletic donation. 

I am now continuing to pursue a multi-year goal of raising enough funds to replace our uniforms and warm-ups in the next
two to three years, along with acquiring forty additional hurdles.

Paul Armstrong
Head Coach
Track & Field and Cross Country

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