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Weight Training for Track

 The following weight training exercises are recommended by Wayne Westcott, Ph.D. in an article at on 8/7/2002.   I have modified, added, and subtracted the exercises where needed.
 Additional exercises should be added for specific events. Try to make every repetition as productive as
 possible by moving deliberately (slowly) with maximum range of motion.

 Machine: leg extension
 Free weights: squat and dead lift (barbell/dumbbell)

Machine: leg curl
Free weights: squat and dead lift(barbell/dumbbell)

Machine: hip extension , super glute
Free weights: squat and dead lift (barbell/dumbbell) 

Pectoralis major
Machine: double chest, vertical chet press, incline pull
Free weights: bench press (barbell/dumbbell)

Latissimus dorsi
Machine: super pullover
Free weights: bent row (dumbbell)

Machine: lateral raise
Free weights: lateral raise (dumbbell) on sides and in front

Machine: biceps curl
Free weights: biceps curl (EZ bar/dumbbell)

Machine: extension triceps
Free weights: extension (EZbar/dumbbell)

Spinal erectors
Machine: low back, supe glute
Free weights: back extension (bodyweight)

Machine: abdominal trunk, super glute, crunch station
Free weights: squat curl (bodyweight)

Leg Ups
Machine: none
Free weights: none
Use Captain's Chair

Knee Ups
Machine: none
Free weights: none
Use Captain's Chair

Machine: none
Free weights: none

Upper trapezius
Machine: neck and shoulder
Free weights: shrug (barbell/dumbbell)

Calf Raises
Machine: calfs and achilles
Free weights: calf raises (barbell/dumbbell) 


1. Do not lift more than you can handle for the number of reps you have to do.  The last few reps of a set should not be extremely difficult.

2. Always stay under control.  You must control the weights.  Do not let the weights control you.

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