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Cross Country and Track -
  Rules of the Road
1. Safety First - Cars bend, people break, Watch where you're running, Don't make a mistake.

2. Obey all traffic rules and regulations.
    A. Cross only at signal lights or cross walks.
    B. Stay to the side of the road.
    C. Be alert at blind curves and intersections, and driveways.
    D. Run against traffic, whenever possible, when running in the street.
    E. Yield to pedestrians, cyclists, and little kids.
    F. Do not wear headphones or earbuds while running on the road. 
    G.  Take your cell phone in case of emergency.

3. Animals - Dogs, cats, skunks, etc.
    A. Don't pet any of the above.
    B. If chased by a dog, stop running and yell "NO", walk away slowly while facing the animal
    C. If attacked, climb a tree or car, kick, yell, scream.
    D. If bitten, report to Coach, parent or School immediately (remember location).

4. Pairs - Don't run alone.
    A. If bothered on the roads, don't stop, but continue to a safe area.
    B. If still followed stop at the nearest house and call school or police (get license number).
    C. Ladies especially should be alert.

5. Smarts
    A. Don't trespass on private property.
    B. Don't annoy other people or run on their property.
    C. Don't run through any school campus during school hours.

6. Ailments
    A. Report ALL injuries, no matter how small they may seem.
    B. If injured on the road, walk back to school or call the school or parent.

7. Weather
    A. Smog alert - Limit running to morning or evening.
    B. Storms - Use your judgment, and stay near the campus if you suspect heavy rain.
    C. Lightning - Do not run.
    D. Darkness - Use extreme caution (reflective tape, night vest, light(s), etc).

8. Trail Running
    A. Take water with you for long runs if possible.
    B. Someone should always know where you will be running: where, which trail etc.
    C. Stay to the right when possible.

9. Yield to pedestrians, bicyclists, and of course cars.

10.  Be careful around construction zones.  The footing may be uneven or slippery.

11. Do not confront any motorist or pedestrians verbally or visually.

12. Stay safe and report any incidents to the coaching staff immediately.

Please read and obey these rules.
The life you save may be your own.
    Always stay alert!!
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