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Cupertino High School Track and Field 2018
Home of the Pioneers
  Coach Paul Armstrong


Commitment: All team members are valuable, and each team needs to know that it can count on its members to be there.  
Often this means re-arranging social life, family trips, and other events, which come in conflict with the rigors of training
and competition. Learning to make choices is one of the most valuable life lessons an athlete takes from a good athletic program.

Grade_____   Practice___________Meet____________

Dates of Conflict(s):___________________________________________________





Athlete Signature:____________________________________________________

Parent  Signature:____________________________________________________

Due by 2/18/17.  Use one sheet for each conflict occurrence.   Use for conflicts only after talking to the coach by 2/17/18.
Submitting this sheet does not mean that your absence will be excused.   
Too many absences may cause you to lose PE credit or your status on the team.

     The following is from page 4 of the CHS Coaches Handbook:
3. Responsibility – Whether teams win or lose, it is important that CHS athletes learn responsibility.  Athletes are expected
to be at all practices and games unless they have cleared an absence first with a coach.  Coaches have the final say over
what absences are excused or not, but athletes should rarely miss practice or games.   Students SHOULD VERY RARELY
miss practice due to academic reasons.  Students are expected to practice time management by working on projects,
 making up tests, etc., on their own time and are expected to fulfill to their athletic commitments.
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