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Training Log

A minimum training log should have the following items:
Weather condition
Workout:  mileage, course, miles, and interval splits or total time for distance runs, or number of jumps or throws and what kind. 
Issues you had during the workout. 
Some of you need to track you nutritional intake.
Total mileage should be kept for each week and each month
A record of ailments: ongoing and those that are unique for each workout
How you felt about the workout.

Additional items that should be included in your training log include:
Weight: starting and ending - very important during hot weather
Shoes - to monitor the mileage that your shoes accumulate
Hours of sleep the night before the workout - track weekly accumulation
Resting heartbeat upon awakening - helps to monitor fatigue

Keep your training log in an electronic format.  I will not accept paper.
A spreadsheet will allow you to keep track of the totals properly, but a word document or email will work but not as well.
Goggle docs works fairly well if you want to use cloud computing.
Monday is the start day for your weekly log.
If you do not do your training log, you may not be allowed to compete in invitationals. 

If you are seeking PE credit, you must do your training logs.  

You should not be spending more than 5 minutes a day on the training log.  
It is best to do it as soon as you get home so that what you did is fresh in your mind and had time to think about it.

Please keep your trainng log in one large file rather than series of small files, earliest at the top, latest at the bottom

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