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Uniform and Warm-Up Care

The following guidelines are designed to keep your uniform and warm-ups looking as pristine as possible. 
You are financially responsible for any damage to or loss of the uniform and/or warm-ups.
Financial responsibility means the replacement cost.
Repeat offense may subject you to termination from the team.

1. Always wash in cold water. 
2. Wash
separately (preferable) or with like colors.
3.  Wash inside out.
4. Do not use fabric softeners - liquid or sheets.

5. Do not use bleach.
6. Do not use detergents  that contains bleach or softeners.
7. Do not dry clean.
8. Do not dry on high heat. Dry on low heat or hang dry (preferable).
9. Do wash after use.
10. Do not iron.
11. Do address any spots or stains right away.
12. Only wear your uniform or warm-ups  for meets, unless instructed to do otherwise.

13. Do not leave stick on numbers on your uniform when the meet is completed.
       Take them off after each event.
14. Do not remove the clothing tags.
15. Do not alter the garment numbers.
16. Do not write anything on the inside or outside of the garments.

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