Cupertino High School Cross Country 2016
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Head Coach Paul Armstrong

Coach's Parent Expectations

The following are my expectations for the parents of the students that I coach:
1. This a competitive team, not just a participatory one.  Everyone will not win, but everyone is expected to improve.

2.  Practice needs to be consistent without interruptions to maximize progress.  Be familiar with the practice and meet schedule.

3.  We expect continuous improvement from the beginning of the season to the end, and from one season to the next.

4. The coaching staff is responsible for the coaching.  This is not the responsibility of parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, siblings, the guys down the
     street or the coach for hire. There may be a different opinion about what we are doing, but we see your child everyday at practice.

5. If you have a concern about the program, you need to communicate that to me first.  It could be a simple question, or a need to understand
     short and/or long terms goals.

6.  If your child is having issues, let us know so we can be extra vigilant. This should be done sooner rather than later.

7.  My job is to provide opportunities for your child to succeed.  That also means there are opportunities to fail. 

8  Success is not the same for everyone. The prime goal is continuous improvement...sometimes that improvement is not directly related to
     cross country or track & field.

9. You should be your child's biggest cheerleader.  Be positive.  Be supportive. Don't be negative, they already know how well or poorly they performed.

10.  Try to attend at least meet this season.  Your child deserves your support.

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