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Weight Room Rules
Coach Paul Armstrong

 Our weight is small and inadequate, but we can get a lot out of  the work we do there. 
 What we do in the weight room is geared for track and field.  It may be different from other sports.     
 We must be purposeful, consistent, safe, and efficient as possible.
 We always warm-up before any lifting.
 Our goal is to make you stronger not bigger, and be able to sustain the long season.       
     a)  There is no food in the weight room.
     b)  You may have only water to drink.
     c)  Always put collars on the bench, curl, and trap bars when lifting.
     d)  Only do the exercises that have been assigned.  Ask first to do any additional exercises.
     e)  Use the amount of weight that will stress you but still allow you to complete the specified number of reps.
      f)  Do not do any max lifting unless it is specified in the workout.    
     g)  Minimize the talking during your workout.
     h)  There should be no clowning or touching or horseplay while your training in the weight room.
      i)  You should not be just standing around. You can always do crunches while you are waiting.    
      j)   Make sure your name, current weight each day, and the date are on your sheet.
     k)  Write the total amount of weight that you use for each exercise. 
      l)  Be sure to include the weight of the bar that you use when appropriate. (See bottom of workout sheet).
    m)  Keep your feet flat on the floor when lifting unless the exercise requires something different.
     n)  Keep your feet parallel on most exercises.  Check before you start.
     o)  Adjust the equipment for your size when appropriate and available.
     p)  Always stretch afterwards for at least 5 minutes.
     r)  Rack your weights when your are finished unless someone else is going to use the station.
     s)  The weight work out sheets are to be given back to one of the coaches when you complete your workout. 
      t)  I recommend that some of you have weight lifting gloves and/or wipe towels.
     u)  You may bring music to play, but it can not contain curse words.
     v)  Head phones are not allowed in the weight room.
    w)  Put your cell phone away.


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