Cupertino High School Cross Country 2016
Home of the Pioneers
Head Coach Paul Armstrong

      Parent Meeting - Agenda

Thursday, 9/1/16, 7:00PM in PE classroom

- Start 7:00PM

- Introductions (Coach & Parents)

- Questions

- Philosophies & Goals

- Meet Schedule (come out and watch, and help at the League Meet, or SCVAL meets)

      Crystal Springs rules, 911 rule, and team rules   

- Transportation (Practices & Meets)   
- Forms
    (Physical, Emergency, Athlete Questionnaire, Conflicts, Parent driving form,
      Student driving form, Athletic Donation, and Athletic Boosters)

- Guidelines and Rules  (Athletes & Parents)


- Training: road runs, turf runs, track intervals, weight training, conditioning

- Shoes (training Vs racing) 

- Web page

- Questions

- Finish between 8:30 & 9:00

Handouts:  Meeting Agenda & Meet Schedule, Uniform Care & Equipment sheet,
                 Parent expectations, Parent driving form, Athletic Boosters, Coach’s business card, Road ID  
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