Cross Country at Cupertino High School  2016

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Head Coach Paul Armstrong

Cross Country at Cupertino High School should be a place for five types 
of runners. First, we are looking for the runner who likes distance
running. Next, we are looking for the middle distance runner (400-miler
type) or hurdler who wants to run Cross Country in order to strengthen
themselves for the track season. Third, we want track runners and jumpers
who need to strengthen themselves for the track season. Fourth, we are
looking for winter and spring athletes who need competitive conditioning
for their sport. Soccer, basketball, wrestling, and baseball players can
benefit greatly from participation in cross country. Fifth, we are always
looking for the smaller individual who has participated little in athletics
before but has the desire to do well. With strength and maturity, they can
become an excellent runner.

Cross Country is a sport where everyone runs from two to three miles
over hills and/or level ground depending upon the race. It is a sport where
you can improve greatly over a period of time. Most of the good distance
runners of the world today are over 25 years of age, whereas in swimming,
the swimmers of that age are generally long over the hill. One of the
greatest problems that a freshman has to face is the fear of running three
miles. As a senior, many runners think it is nothing to run 8 to 10 miles
at a time. In order to do that however, it takes a slow build up. That is
why it is important to run before the season starts in September so that
your legs and lungs will be in good shape.

Cross Country is a sport where everyone participates and there are
generally no cuts. It is also a sport where the small student has as good a
chance for success as does the larger runner. Cross Country is not an easy
sport and perhaps "desire and dedication" plays a greater role than in any
other sport; certainly size isn't important. We hope we can get more runners,
especially girls, out this year than in the past, as that has been our greatest
problem --- team depth. However, our girls teams still do well.

Here are some notes, especially for freshman going out for Cross Country.
We normally practice every day including Friday at Cupertino HS. We are
forbidden to practice (coach and runners together) on Sundays, We do practice
on Saturdays when there isn't a meet. We use Sundays as a mandatory rest
day. We work on a varied schedule. One day hard and the next day easy, as
high school runners are too young physically to run hard many days in a row.
Everyone needs a rest and a change of pace. Freshmen may be taking a PE
class in addition to their running. It is expected that you will get dressed and out
to practice quickly so that the entire team can practice together. The normal start
time is 3:15PM.

Cross Country practice officially begins just days before to the first day of school
with meets starting in early September. The season ends in November with our
league finals, unless the teams or individuals have qualified for the section finals
or beyond. In order to run Cross Country or participate in any sport at the high
school level, you must have a sports physical exam and medical insurance on
record with the school. Please see that this is completed early, before school starts.
Once the physical and insurance are taken care of, they are good for the entire
school year. It is very strongly suggested that the physical is done during the summer
to minimize problems.

Our mission is to have a competitive team, not just a participatory one.

More information can be found at the school's athletic web site: Tino Athletics
or at my web site:

Be sure to check out the Information page of the web site when it is updated in August.

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