Cupertino High School Cross Country 2016
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Head Coach Paul Armstrong

Guidelines and Rules

This page last updated:  8/5/16

1) Be responsible. Stay on top of your school work. Take care of your duties at home.  Manage and organize your time effectively.

2) Keep your GPA up.  You are a "STUDENT - Athlete,"  a student first, athlete second.  You are required to show me your grades every six weeks, or whenever I ask for them.

3) Practices are held everyday (Mon-Fri) after school from 3:15-6:15PM (never longer) and Saturday mornings unless we have a meet.  You are expected to attend ALL practices and meets unless you have cleared it with the head coach at least ONE WEEK PRIOR to the days workout.  Be aware of this commitment before you decide to join the X-C team. We will be training on Saturdays if there is no meet.  The Saturday workouts are not optional.

o We realize that everyone has conflicts.  In order to handle this, we want everyone's conflicts, written down on paper with your name, by Sepetember 1, 2016.  After that date, they are automatically unexcused absences unless discussed, in advance, with a coach.  This applies to conflicts with practices and meets.  Use a form for each conflict occurrence. Submitting a conflict does not mean that it will be excused.  The head coach will decide if you have too many conflicts to stay on the team.

o DO NOT have your friends tell me that you won't be at practice.  If it's important enough for you to miss  practice, then YOU should tell me yourself or a parent.

4) Appropriate Behavior.
o No drugs, alcohol or tobacco.  If caught, you're off the team for the rest of the season - don't take the chance.  
o No Foul Language or derogatory terms.

5) Before - During - After Workouts.
o Before and after ALL workouts we stretch (2-15 minutes).
o During runs, stop to stretch only if you need to.  Do not stop to walk unless a coach says that it is OK.  Keep moving.

o Hydrate!! before, during, and after workouts and meets.

o After all distance runs and before all intervals and races we stretch and do STRIDES, SPRINTS, or BUILD-UPS when time allows.

o Before all races we warm-up as a group with jogging, stretching, strides, and sprints. 
    You must wear your pants for the warm-up!!! 

6) Coach's Forms and Driving Note.  
o Get all forms and information that the coaches request in  - no one races, or is in the Team Photo, without them.  
o Driving forms or get your parents to drive. There are separate forms for students(my form) and parents(district).

7) Recruit - Get your friends out to join the team only if they can be a committed team member.

8) If you can't make League Finals or compete in more than 50% of the meets,  then you need to talk to a coach before coming out for cross country.

9) Do NOT leave the meet site unless you have checked with a coach first.

10) Hydrate!!

11)  You are not allowed to participate in outside races, meets or practices during our season.  That means all of your training will be done with the team only.

12) Start and maintain a training log .

13) Do your meet recaps and training logs in a timely manner.

14) You must have an email account or regular access to one.

15)  Do no wear headphones/earbuds during practice.

16) Do not leave your clothes or belongings in the locker room.

17) Grades and/or PE credit are based upon your attendance, training logs, meet recaps, and attitude.

18) Have fun and run.

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