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Training/Running Logs

At minimum the training log should have the following items:
Weather conditions
Workout:  mileage, course, miles, and interval splits or total time for distance runs
Total mileage should be kept for each week and each month
A record of ailments: ongoing and those that are unique for each workout
How you feel about the workout.

Additional items that may be included in your running log include:
Weight: starting and ending - very important during hot weather
Shoes - to monitor the mileage that your shoes accumulate
Hours of sleep the night before the workout - track weekly accumulation
Resting heartbeat upon awakening - helps to monitor fatigue
Girls: keep track of your cycle

Keep your training log in an electronic format, preferably in one spreadsheet or document.
A spreadsheet will allow you to keep track of the mileage totals properly.
Monday is the start day for your weekly log, because that is how the workouts are planned. 
You may use Google docs if you like, I don't.
Update your log everyday after practice.  It should not take more than 5 minutes per day.
Training logs are required for PE credit.
You are documenting your endeavor for posterity.
Training logs are due to me by Sunday night each week.
Keep your logs in an electronic format, in one document with earliest day and week at the top of the document.

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