Cupertino High School Cross Country 2016
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Head Coach Paul Armstrong

Core Stretching

The following stretches or some variation should be done before and after every running event during
cross country season, practice or races. 
Additional stretches can be performed on an as needed basis.
You should walk, jog, or ride a bike before you stretch so that he muscles are warm.

           Cross your ankles, then touch toes or the ground.
            Assume downward dog position:
                1. Put one heel on ground and keep that knee straight.
                2. Put one heel on ground and bend that knee slightly.
                Do both exercises for both legs.

        Hip Flexors
           Take a forward stride position, bend both knees, then push back hip forward.

                                      Shin splints (see shin splint document for additional exercises and therapies)
                                          Do ABCs with your toes while seated with your legs hanging own,
                                          Do toe taps while leaning against a wall or fence with your back.
                                          Do heel taps while leaning against a wall or fence with your back.   
                                          Walk 30-40 meters landing on heels first, then return on your toes.
                                             Change positions:  toes straight, toes out, toes in.
                                           Do up and downs on a step.  Rise up on tip toes, then lower your heels below the step level. 

           Sit down, put the soles of your feet together, then lean forward from hip.  After the initial stretch,
           flap both legs like a butterfly for 20 counts.

        Straight Leg
            While sitting or standing: Put both legs together and straight, then lean forward and touch toes.

        Ab Stretch
            Lean against a wall or an unmovable object, push abs forward.

            Left foot in right hand behind right leg and pull up and out, then the other leg. 
            Do not touch your foot to your buttock, press your foot out.       

            Lay on your back, while keeping one leg down, raise the other leg to a perpendicular position,
            then pull that leg towards your head.

 All stretches should be held for a minimum of 20 seconds. Try to incorporate movement during th stretch where possible.

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