2017 Cupertino High School Cross Country Schedule 13
last updated 4/29/17, 5/14/17, 5/17/17, 6/24/17, 9/6/17, 10/1/17
Date Day Meet (miles) Location Start Time SAT ACT
7/31/2017 Mon Physical forms are due to me CHS Track 8:00AM
8/4/2017 Fri Official Practice Starts CHS Track 9:00AM
8/14/2017 Mon First Day of School
8/30/2017 Wed Parent Meeting PE classroom 7:00PM 8/28/2017
9/9/2017 Sat R. L. Stevenson Relays (1.6) Stevenson HS, Pebble Beach 9:00AM 9/9/2017
9/9/2017 Sat Chieftain Invitational Toro  Park, Salinas 9:00AM
9/12/2017 Tue Lynbrook Center Meet (2.1) Lynbrook HS 3:40PM
9/16/2017 Sat EarlyBird Invitational (3.0) Toro  Park, Salinas 9:00AM
9/23/2017 Sat TBD
9/26/2017 Tue SCVAL #1 (2.3) Central Park 3:15PM
9/30/2017 Sat Ram Invitational (2.4) Westmoor HS, Daly City 9:00AM
10/3/2017 Tue SCVAL #2 (2.95) Crystal Springs, Belmont 3:15PM
10/7/2017 Sat Artichoke Invitational (2.33) Half Moon Bay HS 1:00PM 10/7/2017
10/7/2017 Sat Serra Invitational (2.95) Crystal Springs, Belmont 9:00AM
10/14/2017 Sat Monterey Bay  Invitational (3.0) Toro  Park, Salinas 10:00AM PSAT 10/14
10/17/2017 Tue SCVAL #3 (3.1) Baylands Park, Sunnyvale 3:15PM
10/18/2017 Wed Aragon Center Meet Crystal Springs, Belmont 3:15PM
10/21/2017 Sat Mt SAC Invitational Walnut, CA 8:00AM
10/26/2017 Thu Lynbrook Invitational (2.1) Lynbrook HS     3:15PM
  & FUHSD District XC Championship 10/28/2017
10/31/2017 Tue DAL League Finals (2.95) Crystal Springs, Belmont 2:00PM 11/4/2017
11/11/2017 Sat CCS Meet (2.95) Toro  Park, Salinas G1:30PM /B2:05PM
11/25/2017 Sat State Meet (3.1) Woodward Park, Fresno G9:05AM/B10:05AM
12/2/2017 12/9/2017
Head Coach 2/10/2018
Paul Armstrong 3/10/2018 4/14/2018
coacha@tinorunners.org 5/5/2018 6/9/2018
408-691-3022 6/2/2018 7/14/2018
NOTE: Some start times are estimates, see schedule updates/changes at TinoRunners.org
All meet conflicts MUST be discussed with Coach Armstrong PRIOR to 9/1/17
                               2017 Season Notes
1. All meets are required, except Monterey Bay (PSAT) and Mt. SAC.  There is no Stanford Invitational this year.
2. All practices are required, including Saturdays (August & September).  Normal practice time is 3:15 to 6:15PM, Monday-Friday, Saturdays at 7AM.
3. You must have a completed physical and insurance to practice during the season or tryout. Do not wait to get your physical done.
4. You must have a proper pair of running shoes throughout the season.
5. You must have warm-up pants.
6. Schedule tests (SAT & ACT) around the meets.  The PSAT,as always, will be problematic.
7. You must register on http://cupertinoathletics.com/ before you tryout. 
8. Tryouts begin August 4th and end August 19th.  Practice will be at 8AM or 6PM during the week prior to the start of school . Anyone who wants to tryout
     after that period or misses the majority of tryouts will have to run two time trials.  The standard will be boys: 1 mile <6:00 and 2 miles <13:00,
     girls 1 mile <7:00 and 2 miles <15:00.
9. There will be cuts if necessary.
                               2017 Summer Notes
1. We will meet at Tino for most workouts, most Saturdays will be at Fremont Older.
1a. You will need to complete a emergency card before you start. The form is on the school's web site.
1b. Summer workouts are only for Tino students, exceptions will be on a case-by-case basis.
2. Summer practice will begin on Monday, June 12th until July 22nd.  It is optional.
2a. There is no practice July 24th through the July 30th - CCS complete dead period.
2b. Practice sessions will be mixed: in the morning at 8AM, 7AM on Saturdays.  More workouts are expected to be at 6PM.
2c. I expect to have sessions most days:  M,W, F road runs, T,T intervals, Sat long road runs or trail runs, and weight training during the week.
2d. The minimum goal is 20 miles per week.  Expect to get up to at least 40 miles per week by the end of July.
2e. During the summer practice period we are free to do conditioning as well as running skill specific work. 
3. Summer conditioning begins Monday, July 31st.  It is optional.
3a. You will need to complete a emergency card before you start. The form is on the school's web site.
3b. Summer conditioning is only for Tino students.
3c. Conditioning sessions will be mixed: in the morning at 7:45AM-8AM, 7AM on Saturdays, or 6PM M-Th until official practice/tryouts begin.
3d. Conditioning will consist of running, weights, and exercises. 
4. Official practice and tryouts start on Friday, August 4th at 9AM at the track.
4a. I will accept physical paperwork throughout the summer. The forms are on the school's web site. Only the actual physical comes to me.
4b. You must register on http://cupertinoathletics.com/ before you tryout. 
4c. You can not tryout unless you have a completed all of the physical paperwork with errors or omissions corrected.
5. Check the web site Sunday night for the schedule for the week.   TinoRunners.org
6. If you did not run cross country last season, send me an email so I can add you to the email list.
7. You do not have to workout with me, but you need to workout consistently in order to be prepared for the season.
8. Do not make the mistake of doing nothing during the summer before tryouts begin or you will likely have a lot of trouble with shin splints or
     making the team.