Cupertino High School Track and Field 2015
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last updated 2/1/15
Coach Paul Armstrong
Program Goals
Coaching Philosophy
Pre-season Meeting Agenda
Parents Meeting Agenda
Questionnaire (Information Sheet)
Team Guidelines/Rules
Outside Practice & Outside Coaches
Conflicts Form
Driving Form(student)
Driving Form (parent)
Meet Recap
Training Log
Uniform and Warmup Care
Rules of the Road and Trail
Shin Split Problems
updated 4/2/14
Shin Split Article
Health & Fitness Articles
Hurdle Extras
Jump Extras
Throw Extras
Sprint Extras
Distance Extras
Weight Room Rules
Weight Lifting
Qualifying for a Block C
Home (dual) Meet Order
Track Meet SOP
work in progress
SCVAL Track Bylaws

CCS Track Bylaws

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